Neel Muller: Daily Drawings

Daily Drawings - Women

Joyful, whimsical and uniquely evocative, Neel Muller's "Daily Drawings: Women" invites the spectator to see through the lens of the artist's astute appreciation of women. The drawings celebrate the sass and attitude of women with subtle, suggestive accuracy often expressed in lively fluid motion. Less is more from this artist, and the titles with their accompanying caption lets us get involved with the artist's sardonically dead-pan sense of humor! This is a book to give your friends; it'll be the gift that keeps on giving! This is a book to display with pride of place in your house! Hats off to Neel Muller! I'll be waiting for more volumes to come!

Claire Ford Fullerton

Neel Muller is extremely talented. His drawings are amazing. He also has used a lot of humor in his book.

Zoreh Gottfurcht

Mr. Muller has a delightfully witty, dry and very understated sense of humor. His approach is simple and direct and in this age where most things are over-the-top, makes this collection of thoughts, unique and beautifully refreshing.

Richard Nanaumi

Funnier than the proverbial barrel of monkeys, crazier than the well-known box of frogs and as delightful as a roomful of kittens. I bought this book as a gift but it's not going anywhere. My message to anyone who wants to spend time with a hundred beguiling, fascinating and fabulous women in the comfort of his or her own home: Buy this book. I can't wait for the next 100 women or the next 100 whatevers that Neel Muller chooses to publish.


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