Jimmy Hall: William Eggleston and Me

William Eggleston and Me

An absolutely delightful read with a Devil-may-care attitude that could only have been written by a true Southerner! Jimmy Hall brings to life an era gone by with the eye of a true writer. Capturing the nuance and complexity of the "Miz-sippy" Delta with loving, soulful insight, this book is dripping with a world-view that proves you can take the boy outta the South, but you can't take the South outta the boy.

A captivating read that plays like a series of vignettes, this refreshingly honest memoir entertains as it lays bare a sense of nostalgia for what is quite possibly America's most misunderstood region. In the hands of Jimmy Hall, the indelible longing most Southerners are born with is made manifest and called by name as the author confesses his story.

Drop what you're doing and buy this book!
Claire Ford Fullerton

Friends journey from Ole Miss to NY. Years pass and they meet again. Jimmy Hall, the champion football player now successful actor and William Eggleston,now celebrated photographer. This book is about a lasting friendship and a change in values as illustrated by professions, Splendid Eggleston photos and Hall's witty and wise spirit leaps into your heart, A must read, Not forgotten.

Carole Mallory

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