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I was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. My mother said I was a miracle, but I always rather doubted it, yet I can’t explain how so many fascinating people and extraordinary events have transformed my simple life.

My bullets are blank so read the book if interested. My greatest assets are my son, Angel Sedgwick, with the great and late Paulita Sedgwick and Katelyn and Brittany Hall with a wonderful mom, Nancy Mosher. I have devoted my life to them and totally embraced the unconditional love they gave me from birth.

Synopsis: William Eggleston and Me

This is the story of two Ole Miss students in the 1960s who made their mark in New York City, then later bonded again in the 1990s in Oxford, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee. An unlikely pair from totally different backgrounds and family, but who came together and explored the possibilities of who they might be someday, with each having his own epiphany and discovery of how to create these possibilities and the mystical solo journey he would take to got there. This book shares these raw honest experiences unashamed, along with the people who commingled with these two young men, some of them among the most notable artists, writers and performers of our time. Wherever they went these two adventurous rascals were welcomed and embraced with open eyes and arms.

One of these rascals was William Eggleston, now acknowledged as one of the greatest photographers in the world and the “Father of Color Photography.” The other was Jimmy Hall, Ole Miss National Champ football player and critically acclaimed actor making his way through the wonderland of movies, TV and theater in New York and LA.

Two quite different personalities but kindred spirits in their urge to rebel, to dare, to challenge, and to accept and trust both themselves and everyone they came in contact with.