Malibu resident Neel Muller compiled this book with his illustrations and captions to demonstrate his love for the innocence of dogs.

To quote Neel, “When things in life go haywire and nothing makes much sense, I go the dogs and within moments all seems well.”

He has an amazing talent for getting his point across through a combination of simple sketches and witty, succinct captions. His messages are ?lled with life lessons learned from witnessing the antics and behavior of dogs.

Neel spent his career as an advertising art director with ad agencies in South Africa, England and Los Angeles.

Neel Muller has explored almost every medium, from painting to sculpture, from furniture design to photography, from fine art to art that may not be fine – but which is unusually compelling nevertheless.

He is the founder and owner of Meerkat Works, a boutique ad agency that continues to produce award-winning ad campaigns, branding, websites, sales, educational materials and more.

Going To The Dogs

Preface and Warning
I started to draw when I was a little boy. In High School I was constantly in trouble because I was being caught drawing instead of studying. That would often lead to serious physical punishment by the teachers at my high school in Pretoria, South Africa. I did have a great, and I must say, beautiful dark haired teacher who I was in love with. (She did not know it, of course)

Eventually, I became an art director in the advertising business working at many ad agencies in South Africa, England and here in Los Angeles. My drawing skills came in very handy at work especially before the days of the computer. I was able to quickly sketch out storyboards and ad ideas for presentations etc. So, my drawing was a tool I used at work every day. Often when I changed jobs, I would pretend I couldn't draw because I would end up having to do everyone else's drawings.

A few years ago I started drawing just for the joy of it. Sort of like when I was at school but thankfully without the punishment. So I started doing a drawing or two every day, even when I wasn't in the mood. It was a lot of fun and I was getting encouraged by my friends and family. I always loved drawing women and realized that if I ever put a little book together I would have enough women drawings to make it worthwhile. So here it is.

WARNING: Some images are a bit naughty and not exactly politically correct. Many of my nudes are nude. If you find yourself offended, step outside, have a good sneeze and enjoy the rest of your day.
Daily Drawings - Women

Daily Drawings - Women
Daily Drawings - Women