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Sulby Hall
The original Sulby Hall was one of the country seats of King George IV

Both as Prince Regent and later as monarch, George IV lead a double life. Going under the name Randolph Payne Esq., borrowed from the family of his best friend George Payne, he secretly married and bore eight children by his mistress, Mrs. Maria “Payne” (née Fitzherbert).

George IV had several residences dotted about England where he stayed with Mrs. Fitzherbert, including Clapham House in Litlington, Sussex, the spectacular Brighton Pavilion - which he had built specially for her - and George Payne’s family residence in Northamptonshire, Sulby Hall.

One of the principals of Sulby Hall Publishing descends directly from this secret union, hence the name we have chosen for our publishing house and its emblem, the Payne family crest. George would have been proud.

In the pre-photography days of the early 1800s, where only a select few had seen the monarch close up, leading a double life was easy and probably most enjoyable. As is our publishing house.